Exhibition: L.A.

L.A. is an exploration of place and a reconciliation with time. Distance gave me a punctuated experience of Los Angeles, and from afar I watched as layers of history were built up and torn down. Transition states of the built environment became permanent fixtures in my memory of the city, and these paintings were a way of documenting and understanding that evolution.

This body of work explores personal and social phenomena through the lens of the built environment. These paintings are inspired by the shifting landscape of Los Angeles and the relationships between place, history, and memory amidst recent development and re-urbanization. Rooted in documentary photography and exploration of materiality, they draw from the layering and erasure of history in architectural space.

These photos are from the exhibition of my thesis in the Ezra and Cecile Zilkha Gallery at Wesleyan University in April 2017.

Da Vinci Fire (left), N. Broadway (background, on stone wall) and Cornfield (on white wall)
N. Broadway (center) and Cornfield (right)
Bowtie Project (left), York Blvd. (center) and S. Hope St.
6th Street Bridge (left) and Bowtie Project