North Jackson

Proposed student residence for Wesleyan University, designed in 2016.


size: 12 units / 60 beds / 19,000 sf

unit variations: 4 person, 5 person, 6 person

amenities: cafe / performance space, terrace garden




Built into an existing slope, North Jackson aims to create a natural segue from an elevated field to academic and arts buildings below.


Section Rendering_cropped


Integrated landscape and architecture provide a terraced progression, allowing for both passage and pause.




A multi-use café adds informal social space within the Center for the Arts, while perpendicular structures frame a courtyard and define the northwest corner of campus.


Site Diagrams


Variety in living arrangements accommodates flux while fostering community in a new hub of activity.

Unit Configuration - Two Story Suite

Room and suite arrangements were designed collaboratively by the studio to create an efficient and scalable model that could be implemented in various configurations.




course: Architecture II – ARST 436, Wesleyan University

professor: Elijah Huge